Recovery Guide Films of Beth Burgess

A series of six short films on key issues by Recovery Coach, NLP practitioner & recoveree Beth Burgess. You can read Beth’s Recovery Story on this website, and find many more of Beth’s film clips on her YouTube channel.

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‘Storyteller: Recovery Coach Role #11’ by Phil Valentine

I’ve recently posted two blogs about Meghann Perry, the last one being Recovery Storytelling – A Powerful Tool for Advocacy. Meghann has been working with CCAR (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) and has introduced her storytelling approach to community members. Here’s a 2019 blog post from Phil Valentine, Executive Director of CCAR, about storytelling, Meghann Perry, and recovery coaching:

‘In the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy© (and in most of our training offerings) we examine and consider 10 roles of the recovery coach as first outlined by Bill White in his landmark paper – Sponsor, Recovery Coach, Addiction Counselor: The Importance of Role Clarity and Role Integrity (2006). The roles have proven rock solid and serve the recovery coach profession beautifully.

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How I Became an Emergency Department Recovery Coach | Addiction and Recovery: CCAR

Hear about CCAR’s revolutionary program from the view of the recovery coaches who serve in the Emergency Department, the hospital staff who work along side the coaches, and those who have experienced the benefits of these collaborative recovery support services. This nationally recognised model has had a 93% success rate with since it began in the Spring of 2018. CCAR Training. 8 August 2019. [12’00”]

Beth’s Recovery Story: ‘Becoming Beth’

A fullly-fledged dependent drinker by age nineteen, Beth has gone on to become a recovery coach and writer in order to help other people escape from addiction. (9,230 words)

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Your Recovered Life: Tim Harrington, Intervention Specialist & Recovery Advocate

‘Tim Harrington is fiercely committed to the world of recovery. He helps people get and stay sober – in whatever way works best for them AND takes daily actions aimed at reducing the shame and stigma of addiction.

The first time I saw Tim in action was at a big conference on addiction treatment. It was during a panel discussion that he raised his hand and asked a simple question.

He referenced how we, who understood addiction and treatment, were all there to learn more…but what about all the people ‘out there’ who weren’t in the know? Especially those whose lives addiction crashed into and who hadn’t a clue about the disease and even LESS about recovery. What if we had a conference for THOSE people?

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A letter to Alcohol

IMG_4467Here is a letter that Beth Burgess, recovery coach from Smyls, wrote in her early recovery:

“Dear Alcohol,

Well it’s been a while now, and although you are a bad influence, I do miss you sometimes. I miss our secret relationship, the way that no-one else was part of it and could never get in on it. I miss the way you comfort me when I’m down. It sometimes creeps up on me unexpectedly how much I miss you. And other times I am glad you are gone.

Of course you have changed – and I know that. You’re not fun any more. But I seem to forget that when we’re not together. I don’t know why my memory is so short and why I always remember the good times with such intensity. It hasn’t been that way for a while.

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