Recovery Guide Films of Beth Burgess

A series of six short films on key issues by Recovery Coach, NLP practitioner & recoveree Beth Burgess. You can read Beth’s Recovery Story on this website, and find many more of Beth’s film clips on her YouTube channel.

Secrets of Addiction Recovery – New Addiction Recovery Guide!
Beth talks about her book The Recovery Formula: An Addict’s Guide to Getting Clean & Sober FOREVER. She points out that no one told her all the basis stuff she needed to know to recover from her alcohol dependency. So she’s written about it so other people do not have the same problem. Beth calls her book, “The book I wish I’d had.” She is a Recovery Coach and NLP practitioner.

What is Recovery from Addiction?
There’s a big difference between sobriety and recovery. Beth points out that many people give up trying to stop drinking after a few days because it feels too difficult. They don’t realise that these bad feelings don’t last if you make the journey to recovery. Beth describes her first experience of sobriety – “It was horrible” – before she relapsed. Now she is in recovery, she doesn’t think about alcohol. She loves her life. How do you get to that stage?

Abstinence or Moderation? Best treatment for alcohol problems explained.
If you have alcohol problems, what’s the best way forward to overcome these problems? Try to control your drinking or stop altogether? Abstinence or moderated drinking? Beth points out that this is one of the major debates amongst professionals in the field, a debate she believes is ridiculous. The evidence is there she says, “If you’re an addict you have to be abstinent… If you’re not an addict, then you can moderate. And if you don’t know whether you are one or the other, then try moderation. And if you can’t… then you’re an addict.”

What is a Recovery Coach and why should addicts get one?
Beth answers a series of questions on Recovery coaching. What is Recovery Coaching? Is a recovery coach like an AA sponsor? Is it like a therapist or counsellor? Can I still do a 12-step program? When should I use a Recovery Coach? And more…

Am I an Addict? How to tell if you have an addiction.
What is addiction and what is problem drinking? Are you an addict? Are you an alcoholic or a heavy drinker? How do you tell whether you are addicted? Beth describes some pointers to addiction, talking about obsessional thinking, guilt, lying and being unable to stop drinking.

Sober is SEXY!
Ah yes, all the cool kids are sober these days. Don’t worry that being sober is boring – it isn’t. It’s a blast! “I’ll tell you what’s really cool. Not caring what other people think. Doing the right thing. Doing something that’s a little different to everyone else. That’s what cool. That’s what’s sexy.” Check out many more videos on Beth’s YouTube page.