Mark Ragins: Village Recovery Writings

Recovery-based psychiatrist Mark Ragins has an extraordinary collection of personal writing known as the Village Recovery Writings. Dr Mark worked for 27 years as the Medical Director at the MHALA Village in Long Beach, California, an award-winning model of recovery-based mental health care.

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Roland Lamb interview: “The Struggle Continues, The Victory is Certain”

P1010948Last year, I blogged about Bill White’s interview with Roland Lamb, one of the key players in helping transform the behavioural healhcare system in Philadelphia to a system based on recovery. This system is concerned with both mental health and addiction, and is a $1 billion system caring for over 100,000 people.

I’ve combined my four blogs into one, which highlights key parts of this very interesting interview. There is a lot we can learn from the Philadelphia in transforming our own behavioural health are systems.

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