Most visited content: Nos 10 – 6

rsz_img_5024And the drum rolls as we enter the top ten most viewed content on recovery Stories. 

10. Journeys into and out of heroin addiction, Part 2, is an article I wrote that focuses on living with addiction and covers such topics as relationships, changes in personality and lifestyle, hustling, crime and prison, impact on health, and treatment .

9. Opiate detox: methadone or suboxone by Peapod is the third part of Peapod’s Recovery Guide. Peapod was the most visited blogger on Wired In To Recovery.

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‘My Recovery: A seminar opening speech’ by Adam

IMG_3279Some of you in Perth will remember Adam Brookes. I met Adam a few years ago and he quickly became someone very important in my life, a really good friend. Adam is more than that, he is like part of my family. My children love him and my partner Linda feels very close to him.

I also saw that Adam had that something special, that empathic and caring nature that helps people get better. I knew that he was going to help many people.

Adam moved to the UK (Mosley, near Manchester) in December 2011 and was married to Jemma the following month. They now have two beautiful twin girls, Summer and Tegen, born on 2nd April this year.

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