Happy One Year Birthday, Maddie!

rsz_851_bouquet_of_romance_products_largeOver a year ago, I met a special young lady from this side of the world, Well, let me clarify. We have never met physically, we started emailing each other. Maddie had blogged on Wired In To Recovery in the early stages of her own recovery, I had commented on the blog, and then we started emailing.

Maddie has talked about how she has been feeling on many days over the past year. It’s been very special (and an honour) to have followed her through this stage of her recovery. I have learnt so much. We’ve also been working on her Recovery Story, and boy-oh-boy, is that a Story! And Maddie has also helped me with a problem I had in my personal life.

Today is Maddie’s first year birthday. She’s been clean and sober one year! Isn’t that amazing, Maddie? One year today!

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