Happy One Year Birthday, Maddie!

rsz_851_bouquet_of_romance_products_largeOver a year ago, I met a special young lady from this side of the world, Well, let me clarify. We have never met physically, we started emailing each other. Maddie had blogged on Wired In To Recovery in the early stages of her own recovery, I had commented on the blog, and then we started emailing.

Maddie has talked about how she has been feeling on many days over the past year. It’s been very special (and an honour) to have followed her through this stage of her recovery. I have learnt so much. We’ve also been working on her Recovery Story, and boy-oh-boy, is that a Story! And Maddie has also helped me with a problem I had in my personal life.

Today is Maddie’s first year birthday. She’s been clean and sober one year! Isn’t that amazing, Maddie? One year today!

So here is a big hug from me to you, Maddie. Well done! At one level, you are such a different person to who you were last year. So much stronger, so much more aware, and more understanding of yourself.

At another level, you are not a different person. I say that believing that you have always been special, a kind and thoughtful person who thinks of other people. I think you buried that part of you. Now you are finding the real you, you are seeing who you really are. Someone who has so much to give other people.

It’s been a pleasure knowing you! Have a great day. I look forward to meeting you in the future.

David xxxx

P.S. I pulled up the second blog you wrote on WITR. The first is already on this website.

Information is Power
Hi, I have just read Matt’s “PAWS” blog. I am currently having many off those symptoms. One minute I’m so angry and frustrated, then within 10 minutes I’m numb and blank. Anxiety attacks have been hitting me in the middle of the night – sometimes three in a night!
But information and knowledge are great tools to have in this stage of my recovery. Now I know these things are actually good, they mean my brain is healing and recovering, I’m not so scared of them.

I posted my “first blog” last week and overnight I felt some of my burden lifted. And it felt so good to be given such a warm welcome. Funny, I’m on the other side of the world but for the first time in years I didn’t feel alone!

My battle stared 11 years ago. I first became addicted to speed, then weed, then ice, then diet pills, then coke and finally alcohol. I am proud to say I only struggle with drinking now, the thought of any of the other drugs running through my systems is like fingernails scratching down a chat board. And I’m almost at the same place with alcohol. Yahee….

The old me is slowly creeping back, it’s nice. I know I will never be the same, but I will be happy. Plus I don’t want to be the old me. As today I care about me, I no longer hurt myself.

Thank you Wired In, I have found a safe place to talk. I have been to NA and AA meetings but I’m too nervous to share. On here I can – even though I’m shaking and my heart is racing I can type!

Slowly I am understanding the past 11 years. This is a really good thing for me – it means I am no longer running.