Ash Whitney and Wired In Websites

This blog post continues the story of my ‘change in career’ early in the new millennium, from neuroscientist working in my research laboratory in a university, to addiction recovery advocate working in the community in Swansea and beyond.

When I first developed Wired In, a primary aim of our grassroots initiative was to provide information and tools that help people better understand and use the options they have to overcome the problems caused by their own, or a loved one’s, substance use. I also wanted to help ensure that practitioners working in the addiction field, be they specialists or generalists, had access to high quality information about addiction to drugs and alcohol and how it could be overcome.

I wanted to develop a strong Wired In presence on the internet. My aim was realised once I met web designer Ash Whitney in 2000. Ash, who lives in Cilfrew, near Neath in South Wales, built the first Wired In website. Daily Dose was a news and information portal that focused on drug and alcohol problems.

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Recovery Stories Blog

As some of you know, I first launched Recovery Stories in May 2013, with the aim of helping individuals and families recover from addiction and mental health problems. A core element of the website was a series of 15 Recovery Stories related by people who had been affected by a serious substance use problem, either directly or indirectly.

In addition to these Stories, I uploaded over 700 posts on my blog, as well as a wealth of other content over the following two years. Although the website was still available for viewing after that time, I stopped posting on my blog whilst I worked on other projects, including the educational initiative Sharing Culture which focused on the healing of intergenerational trauma. Addiction and mental health problems are two consequences of trauma.

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Our new look

IMG_4834Yes, welcome to our new look Recovery Stories. Now you know why I’ve been quiet on the website the past few days.

I’ve been very busy uploading our content from one management system to another – and then checking it all thoroughly. Nearly drove me mad. But you can see how happy I am now.

I guess there are three questions here. The Why? The How? And the Who?

The Why? The new system has a much better look and feel to it, at least as far as I am concerned. It now has the Wired In brand in place. The new system also offers the opportunity for much more functionality, some of which is already in place. We will do much more with the website in the future.

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