Recovery Stories is committed to helping individuals and families recover from addiction and mental health problems

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“Creating hope, understanding and a sense of belonging”

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Michael’s Recovery Story: ‘The Power of Empathy and Compassion’

Michael followed both his parents into a life of dependent drinking, but he will be 45 years sober on 10 April 2023. He describes his recovery journey, his work as a drug and alcohol counsellor, and his part-time role in ‘retirement’. (7,316 words)

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Impact of a Loved One’s Substance Use Problems on Family Members

Our research aimed to look at how a loved one’s substance use problems can impact on the health and well-being of other family members. (2,145 words) *

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Who is Natalie?: Natalie Logan McLean

Natalie charts her life and decisions reeling from one adverse childhood experience after another, what triggered lasting change, and her commitment to removing stigma in order to reconnect with all the parts of ourselves as a society. Natalie set up Sisco, a charity whose main objective is to build a bridge between prisoners and society. […]

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Trauma and Healing

Links to 12 blog posts from The Carrolup Story website that I developed with John Stanton. These blog posts  consider work by world-leading experts, including Gabor Maté, Vincent Felitti, Judith Herman, Bessel van Der Kolk, James Gordon and Judy Atkinson. Bruce Perry’s work is considered in another Resource.

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How Trauma Flows Through the Generations

‘Our first generations were killed and imprisoned, and females sexually misused. Our second generations turned to alcohol or drugs as their cultural and spiritual identity was damaged; in our third generations we had spousal assault and societal trauma. In our fourth generations the abuse moves from spousal abuse to child abuse or both. In the […]

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“Connecting recovering people to inspire, learn from, and support each other.”