‘Rehab works!’ by David McCartney

Here’s another excellent post from Scotland’s Dr David McCartney on the Recovery Review blog.

‘When it comes to trying to improve access to residential rehabilitation in Scotland, one thing I’ve heard too often from doubters is: ‘there’s no evidence that rehab works’. Ten years ago I was hearing the same thing about mutual aid, which was recently (at least in terms of Alcoholics Anonymous) found to be as effective, if not more effective, than commonly delivered psychological interventions.

There are a some problems with the ‘there’s no evidence that it works’ line. The first is that even if we accept the faulty premise that there is a poor evidence base, this is often taken as evidence that rehab doesn’t work, which is illogical. The second problem is that while there is evidence, some people don’t know about it or, for a variety of reasons, choose to dismiss it. What we can say is that the evidence base is weighted towards some areas (e.g., medical interventions) at the expense of others. The third issue for me is that while we need to find ways to balance the evidence base, we will not find more evidence if we’re not looking for it.

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‘TLC, The Ley Community’ by Wendy Dawson

“We’re not armchair analysts, we’re not psychiatrists, we’re not psychologists, we’re human beings in recovery helping people in recovery. We enable you to have the ability to talk through whatever issue it is, we never judge. We are not interested in who you were, we’re interested in who you’re going to be. We don’t care if you’re the prime minister or the road sweeper. At the end of the day you’re a person in  recovery and we’ll support you.”

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Ley Community, so it was good to hear about it from the CEO Wendy Dawson. Wendy was talking at the Towards Recovery conference held in Henley late last year.