‘Out of the dark into the light: The beginning of the recovery journey’ by Rosie

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy good friend Wynford Ellis Owen of The Living Room Cardiff was a regular blogger on Wired In To Recovery. While he was on holiday, his ‘stand-in’ Rosie wrote some beautiful blogs. Here’s the first.

‘Leaving the dark place of my drinking and moving into the light of my new life has been a journey of self discovery – a journey of change – a painful journey at times – a wonderful journey – which has brought me what I was seeking most – peace.

I have come to understand that recovery is a healing process of mind, body and spirit, and time is an essential factor in this process. We cannot expect to recover from the illness of alcoholism or any other addiction overnight. We cannot undo the harm done in a short space of time. This is a fact which I believe is so often not recognised – people are not realising the importance of time in the recovery process.

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‘Let me introduce you to the acronym, RKRTS’ by Wynford Ellis Owen

testimonials_05I’ve had a pretty busy social week including a couple of special birthday gatherings, so I’ve not had time to upload content to the website. I’m also going to be a little busy with a planned surprise, so during this week I will focus on uploading some of my favourite content from WITR rather than write new material.

We’ll start with a past blog from a close friend of mine, Wynford Ellis Owen.

‘I’ve been asked how I recovered from drug and alcohol and other addictive behaviours. Well, one way I did it is captured in the acronym, RKRTS:

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