Should Recreational Drug Use Be Criminalised? (Part 2)

Continues to look at Douglas Husak’s arguments about prohibition and its consequences. (907 words)

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The Regulation and Control of Drugs, Part 1

Describes factors that have influenced the development of laws regulating recreational drug use, in particular influential happenings in America. (912 words)

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Shocking history impacts on health and wellbeing

For generations, Aboriginal people have been fearful of a particular area of the river in York, Western Australia. Marion Kickett, Director of the Centre for Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University in Perth, reveals shocking events that have generated this fear and describes how such they still influence how some Aboriginal people behave in health settings. Sharing Culture. [9’04”]

Marion’s Story: My Education

Marion’s parents knew how important a good education was for her. Despite racism, set-backs and a low confidence, Marion kept pushing forward.

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Surviving What?

Marion’s research findings provide insights into the following question: In what context do Aboriginal people need to be resilient?

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Surviving What?: Experience Surviving Racism

Most of Marion’s study participants talked about having to survive racism, with some experiencing racism every day.

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