‘How People-Pleasing Destroys Your Authentic Self’ by Shahida Arabi

stringsI like this piece of writing from the Self-Care Haven, a website developed by a graduate student at Columbia University in the States.

This article is one for your self-care collection. It’s easy to start people pleasing in recovery, particularly when you are worried about stigma in society.

Symptoms include but are not limited to: saying yes when you really mean no, allowing people to trample all over your boundaries on a weekly basis without asserting yourself, and “performing” character traits or behaviors that do not speak to your authentic self.

Can cause high blood pressure and stewing resentment that festers for years until the “last straw,” at which point, sounds of an explosion erupt. You’re so tired of being Jekyll all the time you become the worst version of Hyde possible to let out all the steam that was simmering within all along.

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‘Viva la Difference’ by Matthew

IMG_4919Matthew  was on of my favourite bloggers on Wired In To Recovery. Here’s an example of his writing, from October 2011.

‘Long live the difference. Long live otherness, long live understanding and open mindedness towards people and things that are new to us. I’ve took the following quote from the Hibbert Assembly website:

“Diversity is something to be celebrated. Each individual is unique. Each has it in her or him to contribute to the richness of humankind.

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