Ivan Oransky: Are we over-medicalized?

‘Reuters health editor Ivan Oransky warns that we’re suffering from an epidemic of preposterous preconditions — pre-diabetes, pre-cancer, and many more. In this engaging talk from TEDMED he shows how health care can find a solution… by taking an important lesson from baseball.’

‘Defining Normal: How Psychiatry Has Lost Its Way’ by Dale Archer

88698-84757I feel very strongly that we are pathologising and over-medicating too much in society. [This statement comes from someone who previously spent 25 years working as a neuroscientist focused on psychiatric and neurological disorders] So I was pleased to see the following article in Psychology Today.

‘One day when I was in the fifth grade, we had a substitute teacher, and I could see upon her arrival that she was shy and demure. I immediately set about crafting a series of experiments to test her limits.

My most creative tactic was the repetitive zinging of spitballs and rubber bands at other kids while she wrote on the blackboard. With every shot, my classmates squealed with delight, but she maintained her calm demeanor. So I upped the ante and brought in air support with a deftly crafted paper Messerschmitt.

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