‘My Family’s Story’ by Wazza Jones

This blog post was submitted by Wazza Jones for The Carrolup Story website I have been running with John Stanton.

‘Here is a film clip from The Healing Foundation that helps us understand why many of our Bibbullmun / Noongar people and our communities are broken.

This is My Dad’s RIP story, my sister’s story, my story and our family’s story.

Yes, life is not easy and everyone is dealing with something, but many of us are also dealing with what happened to our parents, our grandparents, etc… This makes simple things in life that much harder to deal with than what they should be.

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Shocking History Impacts on the Health and Wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples

Professor Marion Kickett relates how she and the other Noongar children in York, Western Australia, were not allowed to swim in a particular area of the river. When she was fifteen, her father described how he and his friends were similarly told by their parents not to swim in that location. He also related the shocking story of The Sandy.

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Marion’s Story: My Country

Marion talks about York and the surrounding area where she was brought up and her family have been living for generations.

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Marion’s Story: My Family, Father’s Side

Marion learnt a great deal about her culture, land and spirituality from her father and his side of the family. They had lived in York and surrounds for generations.

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Marion’s Story: My Identity

Marion has a strong identity which has helped shape her into who she is today.

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Marion’s Story: My Culture

Marion believes her culture is changing and she has learned to adapt when changes occur.

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