The Crescent and the Needle: The Remarkable Rise of NA in Iran

8561803This blog contains an excerpt of a remarkable story published in the magazine The Fix. It is the Story of how an approach developed in a Western culture – Narcotic Anonymous – to help people recover from narcotic addiction – has had remarkable success in another culture.

‘As of 2012 there were 61,800 Narcotics Anonymous meetings worldwide. 27,650 in the USA and 15,955 in the rest of the world, except for Iran. There are 18,195 weekly NA meetings in Iran where Narcotics Anonymous was voted the top NGO by the government.’

Here is another excerpt from this fascinating article:

‘Rebecca had experience being in tough situations at 3 AM in the morning. In the thick of her heroin addiction, she had been in jeopardy countless times. As the Assistant Executive Director of the Narcotics Anonymous World Services Office, she had traveled all over the world. She had led workshops for emerging NA fellowships in many Third World countries.

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