‘Could you ever ‘thank’ your addiction?’ by Matt Kay

59ff221d-8797-41dc-a4cc-0aaac463be8e-620x372Been a while since we had a Matt Kay blog from my old website Wired In To Recovery. So here goes:

‘Is this concept as far fetched as some of you may be thinking? How on earth can I ‘thank’ my addiction and how does it deserve a ‘thank you’.  Bear with me here for a minute and let that thought mull around in your head while I tell you why I am asking it.

I asked this question a while back to some fellow recoverees with what could only be described as ‘mixed reactions’ and no-one seemed to grasp what I was aiming at. As we all know, anyone who has lived through active addiction will know that there isn’t anything positive that it brings.

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‘Combating Negative Self Talk: “The Poison Parrot Story”‘ by Matt Kay

Unknown‘Defusing involves distancing, disconnecting or seeing thoughts and feelings for what they are (streams of words, passing sensations), not what they say they are (dangers or facts). The short metaphoric story is something that I use with my clients to help to overcome our “inner voice”. Once again, try it. What’s the worst that can happen?  

Imagine you’re given a parrot. This parrot is just a parrot – it doesn’t have any knowledge, wisdom or insight. “It’s bird-brained after all,” you think.

It recites things “parrot-fashion” without any understanding or comprehension. Like I said, “It’s a parrot.”

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‘You Can Improve Your Life’ by Matt Kay

UnknownWe haven’t had a Matt Kay blog for awhile, so here is one from Wired In To Recovery in June 2012.

‘Firstly, I apologise for this list having 12 steps. I didn’t realise that it did until it was formatted better. It does seem, that although I don’t follow the 12 steps rule, a lot of my recovery based blogs/posts on here may appear to have the said number of ‘rules’. Hey, I may just like the number 12!. Well here it is, the latest one, entitled “You can Improve Your Life”. Try it!

How many times have you told yourself that you are going to improve your life, but ended doing nothing? How many times have been dissatisfied with some aspects of your life and vowed to change them, but did not follow through with your decision?

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