Recovery Stories Website: Aims

It’s good to be back writing for my ‘Recovery Stories’ blog after such a long time away. I plan to post on the blog at least every weekday, as there is plenty that I want to cover. I’ve already loaded up over 40 blog posts ready to save me some time in the future. My old blog posts are still available.

You will see the website contains other sections: Stories, Articles, Film, Resources, Healing, Book and About. I’ll be adding to each of these sections, and hope over time to also build two educational sections focused on recovery and on the healing of intergenerational trauma.

One of my aims with Recovery Stories is to help create positive social change through activating and ‘arming’ people at a grassroots level. I am convinced that real positive social change comes from the ground up through people cultivating the grassroots—it doesn’t come from politicians.

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Sir Ken Robinson | Creating a New Normal

In his final public speech, Sir Ken Robinson (RIP) joined The Call to Unite to invite us all to imagine a new normal, and to understand how we can create a world that values the diversity of each individual’s unique gifts and talents. The Call To Unite. [15’50”]

Changing Education Paradigms: Animate from Sir Ken Robinson

Although you might think this film is not strictly related to addiction recovery, I assure you that it is. Education plays a key role in recovery, as does the way we are taught to think.

I love this talk, as well as the use of the animate. Sir Ken is a leader in the education field and you can find a number of videos of his talks on YouTube. I agree with him wholeheartedly that we need to change the way we educate young people (and old!)

And there are some interesting facts about the prescribing of drugs in the treatment of ADHD.

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