ManyFaces1Voice: Nell Hurley

“People who are in long-term recovery from addiction and other drugs have the ability to say, “This is who I am and this is what recovery has done for me,” and to reach out and help the person who is coming up behind them.”

Watch film of Nell Hurley, who is a woman in long-term recovery since 1997. She is the Executive Director of The Minnesota Recovery Connection in St. Paul, Minnesota and a board member of Faces & Voices of Recovery.

Nell has a wide range of experiences that include leadership roles in curriculum and education program development and has held positions at various non-profit organizations in Minnesota including the Minnesota Historical Society, Breck School, the Minnesota Museum of American Art, and In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater.

Resulting from her own lived recovery experience, Nell is passionate and committed to the growth of the recovery advocacy movement.

ManyFaces1Voice: Carol McDaid

“You know, Americans love a good redemption story and recovery is a great one to tell.”

Check out the video of Carol McDaid on ManyFaces1Voice. She is a woman in long-term recovery since 1997 and is co-founder and Principal of Capitol Decisions Inc. Capitol Decisions focuses on federal policy, with a special emphasis on alcohol and other drug policy.

For over 15 years, Carol has worked with leading non-profit drug and alcohol treatment centers, addiction physicians, prevention and consumer organizations to refine public policy addressing alcohol and other drug addiction.

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ManyFaces1Voice Film Clip: Tom Hill

“Coming out as a person in recovery is a very powerful and liberating thing. Public opinion is going to be hard to change and I think it’s not going to change unless people come out and start demonstrating what recovery looks like.”

Tom Hill has over two decades of long-term recovery from addiction, personally and as a family member. Tom’s experiences range from being a community activist to professional advocate and educator.

As Faces & Voices of Recovery Director of Programs, he has led the development of an accreditation system for peer recovery support services and works to develop leaders across the nation.

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‘Life in Recovery’ – Research by Alexandre Laudet and FAVOR

2007_0116walpole0025Alexandre Laudet is one of the world’s leading recovery researchers. During the past year, she has been conducting – in collaboration with Faces & Voices of Recovery (FAVOR) in America – the first nationwide survey of people in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Here is what Alexandre and FAVOR set out to do, as described in their report:

‘“Recovery” from addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a human experience as old as the human race itself. However, it was not until the past decade that federal agencies, policy makers, service providers, and clinicians have begun considering recovery as a desirable outcome that is gradually supplanting mere reductions in drug and alcohol use as the goal of addiction treatment services.

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