Back Blogging and an Update

Firstly, an apology for my longer than planned break. I had decided to take some time out from my websites before our wonderful holiday in magical Broome.

I’ve also been busy preparing a new version of my eBook Connection: Aboriginal Child Artists Captivate Europe which I will be sending to a publisher for consideration. I really want this important Story to find a wider audience. In addition, I’ve been writing content for our website The Carrolup Story and have linked up with a children’s author/illustrator, Lisa Martello-Hart, to develop a new exciting project. Busy times – no peace for the wicked!

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Background Briefings

For a period of four years from 15th November 2004, I wrote a series of Background Briefings—short educational pieces on a variety of issues and themes relating to drugs, alcohol, addiction, recovery and treatment—for Drink and Drugs News (DDN), the leading UK magazine focused on drug and alcohol treatment.

Drink and Drugs News was developed and run by Claire Brown and Ian Ralph, and was so urgently required at the time of its launch. Claire and Ian, and their team, have done a remarkable job with Drink and Drugs News over the years, and the magazine is highly appreciated by the field. Today, it still remains a magazine of the highest quality.

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