Spider-Man & Batman: Huseyin Djemil

In my Recovery Voices interview with Huseyin Djemil of Towards Recovery, Huseyin talks about how Andy Partington, in his new book Hope in Addiction, emphasises the distinction in the way that Spider-Man and Batman accomplish their feats. He discusses this distinction in relation to the nature of recovery.

The real deal in recovery is being bitten by the spider and having that internal transformation (like Spider-Man) that makes you look at everything differently. Huseyin had that transformation occur when he was in a rehab. He then ended up having all of Batman’s tools and skills as well, which further facilitated his recovery. Our Recovery Stories, 25 March 2023. [2’17”]

Recovery Voices is a new initiative being run by Wulf Livingston of North Wales and myself. Andy Partington’s book is out in the UK on 18 April, but is already out in Australia and USA. Here is a short endorsement I wrote for Andy’s book:

‘Addiction to drugs and alcohol, and to various activities such as gambling, has increased markedly in recent times, in large part due to the toxic nature of modern Western capitalist society. Andy Partington takes us on a journey of discovery into the nature of addiction and recovery from addiction, introducing us to moving personal stories of hope and leading research findings that educate and inspire.

This insightful and thought-provoking book contains a call to action to the church—its leaders, members, and educators. Six ways forward are proposed. This call to action is relevant to us all, since we can all contribute to the creation of transformational communities that offer hope, healing, and wholeness.’ David Clark, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology, and addiction recovery advocate