Setting Up Towards Recovery: Huseyin Djemil

Huseyin describes how he first set up Towards Recovery in 2012, starting out by renting a church coffee shop for monthly evening gatherings. He and his colleagues wanted to make recovery visible, letting people see ‘it’ and decide whether they wanted to connect to it. They also organised a few conferences, with notable speakers from around the country, and various event nights. A key aim was to show that people in recovery are assets. They are people who have walked through deep water, come out the other side, and are now helping others who have problems in their lives. 25 March 2023.

This film clip is one of 15 taken from an interview with Huseyin in March 2023. Yesterday, I posted eight more film clips of Huseyin from a second interview conducted recently.

All film clips are on Huseyin’s Recovery Voices Playlist which appears on Our Recovery Stories YouTube channel. Why not subscribe to our YouTube channel? The Recovery Voices project is being developed with my close collaborator Wulf Livingston from North Wales.