Ruby’s Healing Story

It’s hard to believe that it is over seven years ago since I launched Sharing Culture, an educational initiative to facilitate the healing of intergenerational trauma. [I don’t upload new content on the website now, but the content is still there for viewing.]

It is also over seven years since Michael Liu and I went out with Professor Marion Kickett to her home country in York to film her describing her life, country, culture, spirituality, family, education and resilience. Marion is a Noongar Elder from the Balardong language group, who is Director of the Centre for Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University in Perth.

From our filming of Marion, which was supported by the Teaching and Learning Centre at Curtin University, Michael and I created 12 short films which were arranged in three main sections on Sharing Culture:

One of the most powerful and moving of the short films is Ruby’s Story. Marion tells how Ruby was taken from her mother by the authorities after her father died in a work accident and placed in Moore River Native Settlement. Ruby was only ten years old at the time and never saw her mother again. She, like all the other girls at the mission, was trained in domestic work. What happened next was heart-breaking…