What is SMART Recovery?

Tom Horvath describes SMART Recovery, ‘a self empowering support group of meetings around the world… It is scientifically based and is offered through free online or face-to-face meetings designed for people who want to abstain from any substance or activity addiction. A chat room is available 24/7.

Every life has a balance of serenity and courage, and in SMART Recovery there is an emphasis on the courage aspect of recovery.

Groups usually consist of 5 to 15, and they focus on how to maintain motivation, cope with cravings, identify and resolve various problems and manage ones emotions in a sensible fashion. They work on achieving a lifestyle that has some balance between short-term satisfaction and long-term and enduring satisfaction. Individuals learn tools on how to achieve recovery, maintain recovery and if possible graduate from recovery.

Smart Recovery is not opposed to the many other approaches of recovery, but they are opposed to the thought that there is only one way to recovery. For those individuals looking for a scientific based and self-empowering approach then Smart Recovery is a good option to consider.’