‘Today is the best day of my life’ by Braveheart

IMG_2495An inspirational blog from WITR, written mid-2009:  

‘The reason I write, “Today is the best day of my life”, is yesterday has gone and tomorrow is still to come. It it comes at all?

I awoke at 7.30 this morning and I’m in recovery from the disease of active addiction. I had no desire to use and there was no obsessing over what was my drug of choice. Today, I am FREE to make self-caring choices.

My day begins with me having a conscious contact with my Higher Power, who I ask to guide and direct me throughout the day and help me to stay safe.

Then I pick up my mobile and text a selection of friends who understand who I am and my pattern of recovery. For me, this has the therapeutic value of one addict ‘helping another’.

It is important for me to have like-minded people in my life, to share and identify thoughts and feelings with. Some days it is the same thoughts and feelings when I used drugs for so many years, but the difference today is I can sit with feelings no matter how uncomfortable they might seem at the time.

This has been a learning process for me throughout my time in recovery and it gets easier each day. The key to my recovery is ‘ACCEPTANCE over people, places and things’. This is not always easy, but I’m ‘working on it’.

The gifts of recovery for myself are endless. ‘Freedom from active addiction’ was the only promise that was made to me if I applied myself.

Along with that, comes choice – self esteem – confidence – respect for myself and others – love – care – compassion – empathy – a desire to help the still suffering addict – the ability to be a partner – the ability to be a father to my 16 week old son – and the desire to built a life to live.

Three years ago, I was living life (merely existing), breathing but dead (spiritually – mentally – physically). I have been total abstinent from mood and mind–altering drugs since 18th May 2006.

As long as I live each day as today, I have nothing to fear.

god-bless from a grateful recovering addict x’