Things That Have Helped During My Recovery Journey: Dr. Wendy Dossett

Wendy describes herself as having a general positive attitude to life and enjoying the natural world. Her relationships with people have helped her recovery journey. Thinking about how to help other people and contributing to knowledge about addiction and recovery through her training also play a significant role. Psychotherapy has helped her at different times in her life, by allowing her to delve deeper into her past trauma, and intergenerational trauma, which she believes underlie her past addictive behaviours.

Wendy says she is in a good place now, although she still has her fragilities with mental health that come and go. She is aware of these fragilities and reaches out for help when needed. She is ‘flourishing in many, many ways.’ She may not have all the things she wanted out of life… ‘but who does?’ 23 May 2023.

Dr Wendy Dossett is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Chester and Principal Investigator of the Higher Power Project. Wendy’s research explores religious, spiritual and secular language in addiction recovery modalities, including Twelve Step and Buddhist approaches. She’s also an activist for Visible Recovery, and she contributes to the ‘Recovery-Friendly University’ movement in the UK. She’s a person grateful to be in recovery herself.