The Anonymous People: New Trailer Announcement

Filmmaker Greg Williams and The Anonymous People team put this message up on Facebook.

“After many comments and concerns about a few of the original sound bites chosen for film trailer that relate specifically to 12-step groups being misinterpreted and not reflective of the feature length film’s message – we have chosen to revise the film’s trailer.

The Anonymous People project team has deep respect and admiration for the long-standing, beautiful tradition of anonymity at the level of film. No footage in this film has been taken inside meetings held by 12-step fellowships. In addition, no living person is identified or identifies himself or herself as a member of a particular 12-step program and nobody on the project teams feels this needs to change.

The film intends to use the lessons learned from The Addiction Recovery Advocacy Movement to uphold this sacred trust, while presenting various perspectives of what this tradition means for people in recovery who may be members of various 12-step groups. It is an undeniable fact that recovery is bigger than any one particular pathway, and the social issues we must overcome together are bigger than any single component of recovery.

If you have the chance, watch this awesome film! It’s been circulating in the US and now starting to show in the UK.

And if you can’t see the film, check out the short film he made for his Kickstarter campaign.