Veronica Valli’s Review of Kristen Johnston’s Book

Veronica Valli photo2-225x300has recently reviewed the book by Kristen Johnston, which I have to confess I have not read yet. Kristen is not only a top actress, but has been doing lots of excellent advocacy work for Recovery and the Recovery Movement in the US. Her book looks well worth a read:

‘A while ago someone pressed a copy of ‘Guts’ into my hands, with the admonishment that I ‘had to read this immediately.’ So I promptly put it on my shelf and forgot about it. Having recently had a baby, the only books I was interested in were, ‘How the f**k do I get this kid to sleep’ variety.

But after meeting the author on Twitter (where else) I decided to pick it up.

You’ll know Kristen Johnston from her hit shows ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ and ‘The Exes’. British readers will remember her as ‘Ivana Humpalot’ in the Austin Powers movies and for a hysterical cameo in ‘Sex and the City’.

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