Stuart Honor Talking at Recovery AM Conference

Start time of Stuart’s excellent talk (40 mins 20 secs)

In my humble opinion, Stuart Honor is one of the very special people in the UK addiction recovery field. Stuart has been doing research on recovery in communities for about a decade and has accumulated more data than anyone else in the UK. Stuart’s research addresses key recovery-related issues and he is never afraid to speak as he sees it… and challenge the system.

I remember years ago when Stuart first contacted me and invited me up to see The Breakfast Club he had set up in Halifax. I was really impressed by what I saw and by what Stuart was trying to develop – a genuine recovery community. You now know this place as The Basement Recovery Project, the CEO of whom is Michelle Foster. Stuart still plays a role.

Now you might think, “How does Stuart find time to do all that?” Well, that was actually his part-time activities. He was also training daily to compete at an international level in rowing and just missed out on being selected for the 2012 Olympics. Most importantly, Stuart has a young family – quite a fair-sized one.

Last but not least, Stuart is a great friend, someone I always look forward to seeing. I very much enjoy our discussions. And I love visiting The Basement Recovery Project.