Sharing Culture: Transcending Historical Trauma

Sharing Culture is a new initiative I am developing with Dr. Marion Kickett, a Noongar Aboriginal leader and Associate Professor at Curtin University, and Perth filmmaker Michael Liu

Sharing Culture is a unique initiative to empower Aboriginal people to heal and develop resilience to historical trauma and its consequences. These consequences include poor physical health, mental health problems, drug and alcohol addiction, violence, abuse and suicide.  

Sharing Culture is based on the core values of authenticity, connection, courage, creativity, empathy and forgiveness.

We are starting from scratch but intend to set up an Aboriginal Film & Storytelling Unit, a library of Personal Stories, and an online education, healing and advocacy tool.

In the film clip above, Marion describes her connection to her Country, the place where she was born and brought up. It forms a key part of her identity and provides her with a strong sense of belonging. A connection to Land plays an important part in facilitating resilience in Aboriginal people.