‘Our Recovery Stories’ eBook Available Tomorrow

‘Learn from the True Experts’

Recovery from addiction comes from the person with the problem. They do the work in overcoming their substance use and related problems, getting well, and getting their life (back) on track. Recovery is a process of self-healing. Practitioners, peer supporters and others may facilitate recovery, but they do so by catalysing and supporting natural processes of recovery in the individual. 

Our Recovery Stories: Journeys from Drug and Alcohol Addiction comes out tomorrow as a self-published eBook (170,000 words). It can be purchased from Apple, Amazon or Kobo. It is available via Apple, Amazon or Kobo (price: £4.99, A$8.99, US$6.99, €5.99). Please note, that you must purchase and download the book from the supplier’s store in your country or region. Just search for the book using the words of the main title. The Amazon and Kobo links above are for the UK stores. There is no link for Apple, as their system works differently through the Apple Books app. Further information about purchasing can be found at the bottom of this page.

This book contains the original Recovery Stories that appeared on this website in 2013, along with updates on the lives and reflections of the majority of the storytellers seven years later. Why this book?

Our Recovery Stories provide important insights into recovery and recovery-based care by showing the lived experience of recovery, through a collection of twelve inspiring Stories that describe people’s journey’s into and out of drug and/or alcohol addiction. Three additional Recovery Stories focus on family members whose lives have been affected by a loved one’s substance use problem. All the book’s storytellers have gone on to help other people with their recovery journey.

The book is invaluable to people affected by substance use problems, as well as their family and loved ones, as it provides hope that recovery is possible (via a multitude of pathways), and provides an understanding of the nature of the problem (addiction) and how it can be overcome. The voices of recovering people are particularly empowering, since they are readily identified with and trusted by people in need of help.

Our Recovery Stories is important for people working in treatment and recovery support services, as it can help them improve their work practices, whilst it will help commissioners and policy makers make much-needed improvements in our systems of care. The book will create a greater understanding of addiction and recovery in society for the general reader, helping to reduce the prejudice and stigma that exists towards people with substance use problems (and their families). Prejudice and stigma are major barriers to recovery.

These Recovery Stories have been written by the storytellers themselves, or by me following multiple interviews. Thank you Skype and FaceTime. In addition to these Stories, I have written a Prologue and two additional chapters, one focusing on Factors That Facilitate Recovery and the other, entitled Brain Chemicals to Human Connection. The latter outlines my journey in the addiction recovery field and describes the inspiring people I have met along the way over the past twenty years.

I am particularly proud of this book. I am deeply indebted to the storytellers: Adam Brookes, Anna, Beth Burgess, Brad Miah-Phillips, Iain Donald, Ian and Irene MacDonald, Kevin and Kerry, Kevan Martin, Michael Scott, Natalie, Paul, Sapphire, Simon Jenkins and Tim. Their courage, strength and resilience has inspired me. I have loved their Stories. I thank each of them for being the cornerstone of this project.

Reflecting back on my 45-year career in the addiction and mental health field, I believe the three most important things I have learnt are ‘the strength of human spirit, the power of human connection, and the healing impact of story.’