On Healing: Jackie

rsz_1outback-sunset-880‘Healing is a really confusing word. When I first thought of it I thought I would go along and all this pain was going to be healed and at the finish I would just walk away and I would be healed, but now I know healing means learning.

Learning about yourself – learning about looking at things in a different way. Understanding how those things came to be.

Owning your own things, but not taking on board other people’s things. Being responsible for what you are responsible for, but not for other people’s responsibilities.

Learning how to deal with different situations – how to interact with people – how to lessen conflict – seeing your own things differently.’ Jackie, in Trauma Trails: Recreating Song Lines – The Transgenerational Effects of Trauma in Indigenous Australia by Judy Atkinson.

You can also obtain this wonderful book from the publisher in Australia.