Mike Scott’s Tunes

Recovery can be lonely at times, so Mike has selected a number of his favourite inspirational songs from YouTube. Mike is 42 years in recovery and you can read his Recovery Story on this website. 

Dido – White Flag (Live at Brixton Academy)
This beautiful song by English singer and songwriter Dido has special to me, as it always reminds me of never give up, whatever the adversity.

Divinyls: ‘Pleasure And Pain’
There’s a fine line between using and not using.

Crawler: ‘Stone Cold Sober Live’
Brilliant song from the 70s, Paul Kossoff of Free-fame who was lost to heroin.

Paul Kelly: ‘To Her Door’
A break up of a relationship with alcohol. (I use this in my relationship work in my role as a counsellor) Paul had an on-off relationship with heroin for 20 years.

Make Poverty History: ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’
Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody and John Butler sing about poverty amongst indigenous people in Australia. This song reminds me about building your recovery – from little things, big things grow.

Birds of Tokyo: ‘Lanterns’
Good solid motivational song from Perth band.

P!nk: ‘Try’
Self-explanatory! This song is a cool recovery tool.

The Panics: ‘Don’t Fight It’
Don’t fight it, accept you have to give up.

Fireflight: ‘Core Of My Addiction’
You can become addicted to anything.