ManyFaces1Voice: Michael Askew

UnknownI might be on the other side of the world, but every time I see Michael Askew on film I know I am seeing a true recovery carrier in action. Here is Michael on ManyFaces1Voice.

“Right now, we have to believe that this is a valuable commodity because every time you see somebody in recovery getting well, you know the community is healing. Families are healing, it’s like throwing a rock into the water and that ripple effect…”

Michael Askew is the Manager for the Bridgeport Recovery Community Center under the leadership of Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR).

He is passionate about his own recovery, since May 28, 1989, and believes his position with CCAR is another opportunity to “give back what was so freely given to him.”

Michael became a member of the State Advisory Board to The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in 1999 and worked with key stakeholders in the restructuring of CT’s treatment delivery system to become a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC).