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Our Recovery Stories BookThen why not check out my eBook Our Recovery Stories: Journeys from Drug and Alcohol Addiction, which is available via Amazon, Apple, or Kobo (price: £4.99, A$8.99, US$6.99, €5.99)? You, or a family member or friend, can read the book on a phone, other hand-held device or computer.


Recovery from addiction comes from the person with the problem. He or she does the work in overcoming their substance use and related problems, getting well, and getting their life (back) on track. Recovery is a process of self-healing. Practitioners may facilitate recovery, but they do so by catalysing and supporting natural processes of recovery in the individual.

Our Recovery Stories provides important insights into recovery and recovery-based care by showing the lived experience of recovery, through a collection of twelve inspiring Stories that describe people’s journey’s into and out of drug and/or alcohol addiction. Three additional Recovery Stories focus on family members whose lives have been affected by a loved one’s substance use problem. All the book’s storytellers have gone on to help other people with their recovery journey.

In addition to a Prologue, the book contains two additional chapters, one focusing on Factors That Facilitate Recovery and the other, entitled Brain Chemicals to Human Connection, which outlines the author’s journey in the addiction recovery field.

Why important?

Our Recovery Stories is invaluable to people affected by substance use problems, as well as their family and loved ones, as it provides hope that recovery is possible (via a multitude of pathways), and provides an understanding of the nature of the problem (addiction) and how it can be overcome. The voices of recovering people are particularly empowering, since they are readily identified with and trusted by people in need of help.

The experiences, insights and reflections of the book’s storytellers are of value to people working in treatment and recovery support services, as well as to commissioners and policy makers. The book will help communities create empathic environments in which recovery can flourish. It will also allow the general reader to gain a better understanding of addiction and recovery, helping to reduce the prejudice and stigma that exists towards people with substance use problems (and their families). Prejudice and stigma are major barriers to recovery.

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