Huseyin Djemil’s ‘Towards Recovery’ Blog Series

Yesterday, I posted a film clip of part of a conversation between Huseyin Djemil and myself which was originally recorded for the former’s Journey Podcast series. Huseyin, who lives in Henley-on-Thames in the UK, developed the inspiring recovery community Towards Recovery back in 2012. Their website is well worth a look, and if you are in the area then check out their Recovery Cafe.

At the beginning of March this year, I introduced you to Huseyin’s Blog Series. Here is how Huseyin describes the series on the Towards Recovery website:

‘As we approached Lent, Huseyin felt inspired to take action this year. He is observing the 40-day period of fasting and prayer and has given up watching TV during this period and committed to writing a short article for each day of Lent in the hope that it might inform and inspire others in their recovery journey as well. Lets dive in…’

I love this inspirational series as it contains a wealth of useful information for people on their recovery journey. Here are the titles and links to the first 22 blog posts [I have just updated this blog to complete the series—DC, 03/04/23]:

> Day 1: The power of recovery

> Day 2: What causes addictive behaviour and how to recognise it

> Day 3: The role of community

> Day 4: Benefits of exercise

> Day 5: Coping with cravings: Tips for managing the urge to use

> Day 6: The benefits of journaling

> Day 7: The importance of self-care

> Day 8: The role of gratitude and how to cultivate it

> Day 9: Staying motivated

> Day 10: How to overcome obstacles and deal with setbacks

> Day 11: The role of family and friends

> Day 12: The power of mindfulness practices

> Day 13: The value of peer support

> Day 14: Strategies for overcoming feelings of shame and stigma

> Day 15: Resilience in recovery

> Day 16: How nutrition can play an important role in addiction recovery

> Day 17: The importance of finding meaning and purpose

> Day 18: How spirituality can enhance addiction recovery

> Day 19: Discussing strategies for repairing relationships

> Day 20: Finding joy

> Day 21: Impact of Social Media

> Day 22: Finding purpose in work

> Day 23: Dealing with guilt

> Day 24: The impact of trauma

> Day 25: Cultivating empathy

> Day 26: How to develop self-discipline

> Day 27: Take a moment

> Day 28: Dealing with depression

> Day 29: Managing anxiety

> Day 30: The importance of self-forgiveness

> Day 31: The importance of celebrating milestones

> Day 32: Building healthy boundaries

> Day 33: Embracing change

> Day 34: The power of connection

> Day 35: Resentment and forgiveness

> Day 36: Re-lapse

> Day 37: How hobbies and interests can support addiction recovery

> Day 38: Finding balance

> Day 39: Taking the first step

> Day 40: Living a fulfilling life

What a Series!