Human Healing in the Age of Science – The Art of the Healing Shift: Dr David Reilly

I believe passionately that our systems of care for mental health and addiction are broken and need transformation. Sadly, the same systems of care are generally resistant to change.

The situation continues to get worse for two primary reasons. Firstly, the negative consequences of modernity include an increase in emotional distress, disconnectedness, social isolation and addictions of various kinds. Ever increasing numbers of people are looking for help.

Secondly, the poor outcomes of our mental health and addiction care systems are leading to disempowerment and lack of hope, which in turn further increase the problems described above. Moreover, people seeking help are often blamed for not getting better, rather than the system accept its own shortcomings.

We have the knowledge to do so very much better. Sadly, those of us who are trying to transform these systems so that more people get better often bang our head against a brick wall. Vested interests play an important role in underlying this resistance to change.

During the past years, I have highlighted and promoted key work that is helping to create change… and can provide the foundation for transformation of our systems of care.

I will continue to do so as I continue to dream about a better future.

Here’s a talk from a real visionary, Dr David Reilly. I loved this talk!

Here are three quotes which are well worth bearing in mind – in fact, they are key for a future transformation. (The part related to these quotes starts around 22 minutes into the film)

“We need to move from Evidence Based Medicine to Practice Based Evidence” John Gillies, President of General Practitioners, Scotland

“The currency unit is individual stories. Random samples of patient experience is the true test.”

“Sometimes evidence, always based on experience, and underpinned by values” Graham Watt, Professor of General Practice, University of Glasgow