‘Healing from trauma (or from a psych diagnosis)’ by Monica Cassani

Monica Cassani of Beyond Meds has just uploaded an excellent blog and link to a film relating to trauma in young people. I couldn’t resist putting it up here. Here’s what Monica had to say:

‘There are people out there that get it. This video shows something that is just wonderful. We need to create more safe places for kids and adults both where they might heal from the trauma in our lives.

As I’ve often pointed out the tragic reality all to often is that the current mental health system further traumatizes rather than heals. For those of us who have been harmed by the system it becomes that much harder to find safety as the capacity to trust is further challenged.

I’ve been so pleased to find in my own personal healing journey that there are pockets of people who really and truly and deeply get it. It finally became safe to seek help once I understood how to recognize those who get it. Sadly these people are not easily found in the mainstream mental health system.

So young people and people who are disadvantaged in various ways need extra help. Really anyone who has not yet found a way out of the mainstream mental health system, which is widely toxic, needs help. This sort of help needs to find them rather than vice versa. This sort of help needs to be available in all mental health establishments if we hope to really heal the population of folks who’ve been labeled mentally ill.

Sarah Koenigsberg of Tensegrity Productions produced this video in March 2012 for The Health Center at Lincoln in Walla Walla, Washington.

See and hear Lincoln High School students talking about the shocking realities of their young lives. Learn about the positive impact The Health Center at Lincoln is having on these children and – through them – on the character of their community. You can’t fail to be moved by their stories of adversity and triumph, as they learn to rise above their circumstances with the help of The Health Center staff.’

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