Guest Blog – ‘Solvent abuse: the hidden issue’ by Victoria Leigh

logoI wanted to highlight the great work of Re-Solv who have been working 30 years to tackle solvent abuse and its impact. Here’s a Guest Blog from the team at Re-Solv. Well done all for all your hard work.

‘This month, Re-Solv celebrates 30 years of working to end solvent abuse and support all those whose lives are affected by it.

To most people, solvent abuse means “glue-sniffing”; people think of the 1980s, they remember the 100 or more people that were dying of solvent abuse every year in that decade, and they make the thankful assumption that it’s all a thing of the past.

But it’s not.

What many people don’t realise is that solvent abuse – “volatile substance abuse” or “VSA” to give it its formal name – is still very much a part of many, many people’s lives here and now.

Hugely stigmatised, rarely discussed, and yet potentially fatal every single time they’re used as a drug, solvents killed approximately 90 people a year in the 90s and just over 50 people each year throughout the 2000s.

Today there are probably about 17,000 people in the UK who are dependent on volatile chemicals such as butane gas (from cigarette lighter refills or aerosols), petrol, industrial glues and so on.

So, here at Re-Solv, we’d like to use our 30th year to raise awareness of the fact that solvent abuse is still with us. To ask you to keep it in mind, and to join with us in working to ensure that anyone and everyone dependent on volatile substances and seeking recovery has equality of access to treatment and support.

You can find out more at our Community for Recovery programme website or just give us a call on the number below.

Thanks so much.

From all of us here at Re-Solv’s
Community for Recovery programme
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