Family Stories, Secrets and Survival: Dr. Judith Landau at TEDxVailWomen

I can strongly recommend this extraordinary talk from Dr Judith Landau. It’s one of my favourites, found only this morning. Thank you BDawg!

This talk will provide you with insights into intergenerational trauma and how addiction arises as a coping response. It will show you a way forward to recovery and healing, through Story. Understanding the past can help us deal with the present and help create a better future.

Judith, thank you for this wonderful talk! Here is the Youtube intro:

‘Dr. Judith Landau tells the story of trauma and recovery through generations and gives clues along the way for healthier families.

Trauma is inherent to the human condition. The key to whether one experiences destruction or empowerment in the wake of trauma lies in how we relate to our trauma – the intergenerational stories we tell, the secrets we keep, and the way those stories are framed.

The health of future generations is more dependent on the stories we tell today than we may be aware. At this crucial juncture in the human story, the choice to draw upon feminine values and principles in relating to our stories, could be the difference that saves our children.’