Drug Companies: Stop Drugging Our Kids For Acting Like Kids!

It’s a funny old world! We put people in prison for selling amphetamine and cocaine , but allow drug companies to ‘deal’ ritalin to our children… 4.5 million children in the USA. Ritalin, like amphetamine and cocaine, is a Schedule II drug and has similar neurochemical effects in that it enhances dopamine function. This hypocrisy – and the damage it is doing to our children – disgusts me.

Fortunately, we have people like Michael Corrigan and Peter Breggin fighting against this unsavoury practise. Here are two wonderful animations from Michael Corrigan.

‘This video shares the logic behind why I wrote my latest book. Quite simply there are no good reasons to drug kids for ADHD. I hope you find the video to be informative and entertaining. Please spread the word!’

‘This second part of the video goes into each reason that my new book shares. It’s semi-short, sweet and to the point… stop drugging kids for acting like kids!’

Please check out Michael’s and Peter’s books.