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Over the past decade, I’ve become increasingly interested in trauma and its consequences (e.g. addiction, mental health problems, suicide), and the healing of trauma. I described this increasing interest in a blog post last month entitled Addiction and Psychological Pain: Some Reflections

I’ve recently added two new trauma-related sections into our Resources, one that is focused on the work of leading childhood trauma expert Bruce Perry, and the other links to trauma-related work of other experts. You can also find 32 blog posts in our Indigenous Healing section, which are related in one way or other to the healing of intergenerational trauma (often called transgenerational or historical trauma).

> Bruce Perry’s Trauma Work

I have learnt a great deal from Dr. Bruce Perry about trauma and the healing of trauma over the past years. I have posted a number of articles about Bruce’s work on my Healing blog on The Carrolup Story website that I run with John Stanton. I thought it was time that I linked to these articles on this website due to the impact of childhood trauma and neglect on the development of addiction.

< Trauma and Healing

Links to 12 blog posts from my Healing blog on The Carrolup Story website that I run with John Stanton. These blog posts consider work by world-leading experts, including Gabor Maté, Vincent Felitti, Judith Herman, Bessel van Der Kolk, James Gordon and Judy Atkinson.

> Indigenous Healing

The most recent posts in this section are at the top of this page. However, I developed this Healing section in order to take people on a journey into the fascinating field relating to the healing of intergenerational trauma. If you are new to this field, I suggest you start reading my first post, entitled Indigenous Trauma and Healing. You can then access the second post by clicking the link at the bottom of the page…. and so on. I will gradually add more and more posts over time. I hope you enjoy.