Recovery Themes

Recovery Themes

Recovery Voices, developed in collaboration with Wulf Livingston, celebrates the lives and achievements of people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, provides a powerful voice of recovering people and their allies that acts as a strong source of advocacy, and encourages and supports the development of peer-led recovery communities.


This new initiative involves David and Wulf interviewing people recovering from addiction, and their allies, via Zoom. The interviews are edited into two collections of films, ‘Voices’ and ‘Themes’. Films for the ‘Themes’ section are generally shorter than those for the ‘Voices’ section, and focus on specific addiction and recovery-related themes.


In this section, you can play all films related to a particular Theme one after the other by clicking on the YouTube image. If for any reason the film ‘hangs up’ between films, please click on the start arrow. You can watch individual clips using the links provided on the individual Theme page which is accessed by clicking 'Read More'.

Wendy & Wulf: Factors That Facilitate Recovery

Wendy Dossett and Wulf Livingston discuss various factors at an individual, system and societal level that help people recover from addiction. Dr. Wendy Dossett is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Chester and Principal Investigator of the Higher Power Project. She is in long-term recovery from a serious drinking problem. Dr. Wulf Livingston is a Professor of Alcohol Studies at Wrexham Glyndwr University, and has been working in the addiction recovery field for around 25 years. [7 films, 10 mins 40 secs]

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