Building a Recovery Community in the UK with Calliese Conner: CCAR 4recovery

Phil and Sandy Valentine of CCAR (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) interview Calliese Conner in Episode 109 of their Recovery Matters Podcast. What a fantastic conversation between three beautiful people. Find out more about Calliese and the work she does alongside her mother Naetha Uren with their Recovery Coach Academy UK.

‘Calliese Conner shares her journey to becoming a recovery coach and building a recovery community in the UK. She reflects on her experience with the Recovery Coach Academy and her passion for bringing more recovery resources to her community. Also discussed is the importance of treating people as resources and the impact of language and relationships in the recovery process. CCAR 4recovery, 22 February 2023.’

Here is a bio for Calliese that I found on the FAVOR UK website.

‘I am one of many Faces and Voices of Recovery who do not see young, smart, people with a passion to promote recovery having a seat at a table where we can be heard and influence or impact recovery, when we have credible lived experience. I am a woman in Recovery and part of a family in recovery.

I am one of the founders of Recovery Coach Community CIC, and a lead trainer for Recovery Coach Academy, as one of the first two CCAR Authorised facilitators and Recovery Coach Professional Designates in the UK. We help Individuals, groups and organizations learn, train and utilize recovery coaching by educating, collaborating & supporting people to feel empowered themselves as well as empower others.

We do this by supporting organizations to build their Recovery Communities, as well as Supporting Individuals to implement Recovery Coaching.

I am very fortunate to have experienced recovery communities in the USA, and now have the opportunity to bring this to the UK; by combining my personal and professional experiences together to make a positive impact on Recovery.

After moving to England from Texas in June 2018, I engaged in recovery communities & services to enhance my knowledge around the culture of recovery in the UK. Prior to the start of Recovery Coach Communities CIC, I was employed at Turning Point where within a year and a half I moved from volunteer, to employee as manager of the Recovery cafe; then went on to be promoted to a Recovery worker. I received an award at the Houses of Parliament due to my successes within Turning Point.’