Balunu Foundation Cultural Healing Program

I love the look of this healing programme in northern Australia.

‘The Balunu Foundation Cultural Healing program delivers cultural healing programs to many at risk youth. The healing retreat and program are located in Darwin, NT and youth have attended the program from all over Australia.

Although the program was established to help address the many challenges faced by Indigenous youth, it has had as great an impact with non-Indigenous youth who have attended the program.

Balunu adopts a holistic and culturally appropriate approach to strengthening the youth with a major focus on suicide prevention, substance abuse, emotional, mental and physical trauma, intergenerational trauma, family disruption, homelessness, crime and education.

Balunu has been operating for the past seven years delivering healing to well over 500 children.

The greatest aspect of the program is the Cultural reconnection and we strive to build the youth’s self esteem, self worth, self belief and confidence to rebuild the Warrior within. The Warrior who will strive to end the intergenerational trauma and build strong families.

Our motto and focus is “Strong Youth, Strong Culture, Strong Leaders for a Strong Future”.

Balunu’s vision is a 300 year vision through breaking the pain cycles now to end the pain for future generations.

We welcome you to walk with us and together lets heal the first nations people of this land and end the suffering that has been inflicted since first contact.’