I am deeply indebted to the authors of these Recovery Stories: Adam Brookes, Anna, Beth Burgess, Brad Miah-Phillips, Iain Donald, Ian and Irene MacDonald, Kevin and Kerry, Kevan Martin, Michael Scott, Natalie, Paul, Sapphire, Simon Jenkins and Tim. Your courage, strength and resilience has inspired me. I have loved your Stories. Thank you for being the cornerstone of this project. (238 words)

I would also like to thank all the people who worked with Wired In, in particular Lucie James, Ash Whitney, Kevin Manley, Becky Hancock, Jonathan Kerr-Smith, Nathan Pitman, Sarah Davies, Anni Stonebridge, Gemma Salter and Mark Saunders.

Thanks to Keith Morgan and Dave Watkins, without whom I may never have taken this wonderful journey. As well as these two people, many others have inspired me on my journey, in particular David Best, Carl Edwards, Michelle Foster, Wynford Ellis Owen, Stuart Honor, Mark Gilman, Tim Leighton, David McCartney, Neil McKeganey, Noreen Oliver, Norman Preddy, Simon Shepherd, Phil Valentine, and Bill White.

My sincere thanks to all those other people who have shared with me, and my colleagues, stories related to their addiction and recovery. You, too, have inspired me.

Michael Scott’s close friendship, and ‘constant’ requests to publish my old Wired In ‘writings’ and tell my story, have been very important. Thanks, Mike.

Finally, a big thank you to my very special partner Linda Candy for putting up with me and listening to all my ramblings. Love you lots.