A Touching Farewell to Brad Miah-Phillips

Bradley Miah PhillipsI still feel strange that my good friend and Recovery Stories Storyteller is no longer with us. Earlier today (my time), I received a message from Stuart Forshaw, Chairman of The Basement Recovery Project, asking if I had seen words he had written about Brad. I had not.

I asked Stuart if I could add those words to my In Memorium for Brad, as well as use them in today’s blog. Stuart agreed.

Stuart visited Brad in hospital where our mutual friend was in an induced coma following a massive stroke. Stuart sat with Brad and read some pages from the big book – Alcoholics Anonymous. Brad lost the ability to take breath and was placed on a ventilator. The following day, the life support was switched off and Brad passed away, sober and at peace. I continue with Stuart’s words:

‘Here was a man who had unselfishly given himself to the service of others throughout almost 15 years of sobriety and freedom from drugs; a man whose time in prison and sleeping rough on the streets were probably better qualifications for his work in the recovery field than the degree in Criminal Psychology he achieved in his early years of sobriety; and a  man who sought no recognition whatsoever for his work, let alone any gratitude for it.

He simply gave. All that he had been gifted, he gave to others.

Those whom he saved; the colleaques he worked with; and the people who loved him will never forget his humility and self-sacrifice. That is how he will be remembered; not for the things he did for himself but for what he did for others. That is how we should all wish to be remembered, but sadly it is a bar set way too high for most of us.

When I arrived home, I opened my notebook at a random page. At the bottom of the page was a quote: “No light shines brighter than the light which shines within us”. No light shone brighter than the light which shone in the man I was privileged enough to call a true friend.

God bless you, Brad. We will hold you in our hearts forever.’

Such moving words. I feel so sad, but I am grateful that I was privileged enough to know this special man, Brad Miah-Phillips.