A Recovery Community History: CCAR, The First Twenty Years

I’ve been following the work of Phil Valentine and his colleagues at the Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery for some years. They have been doing some great things and, in my humble opinion, have been leading the way with a number of their initiatives. Here’s a film celebrating their first twenty years.

‘Long-term members of a pioneering organisation in the development of recovery communitites tell the inspiring and moving story of CCAR, the Connecticut Community for Addiction (CCAR). ‘CCAR is a centralized resource in CT for all things recovery. Whether you are contemplating a life in recovery, are new to recovery or are in long-term recovery, CCAR is here to help you to navigate the recovery community, by connecting you with others in recovery and providing access to area support services. Since 1998 we have worked to make this reality – the CCAR 20 Strong documentary tells this story.’ CCAR 4recovery, 16 April 2020. [32’32”]