‘2015 – The Year of Reinventing the Wellbriety Movement’ by Don Coyhis

5de8955239fe8af6972c6889e71ffa26Don Coyhis posted this powerful message on the White Bison website recently. As some of you know, I think very highly of Don and the amazing Native American Wellbriety Movement.

‘As some of you know, I had a stroke on May 11, 2014, Mothers Day. Given the reality of the event, we made some choices and decisions regarding White Bison and the Wellbriety Movement.

We hired Carlos Rivera as the Executive Director, promoted Kateri Coyhis as the Director of the Wellbriety Training Institute, and I moved to Chairman of the Board to provide support to the new White Bison team.

Thanks to the prayers of so many, my recovery was touched by a miracle.   I had excellent therapists and moved from a wheelchair, to a walker, threw away the cane in August and was back to 90% recovery by September and have continued to recover since then.

In November, Jeanne and I moved back to Colorado Springs from the D.C. area. During these months I had time to think about the Wellbriety Movement and to pray to the Creator to see what he wanted me to do next.

I will continue to develop new trainings, products, continue to write books, articles, design conferences and keynotes about the latest culture tools and approaches.

My main interest will focus on sustainability and advocacy to advance the awareness of historical trauma and the potential to heal from it individually and collectively through the Wellbriety movement in our communities.

Nature has sustainable systems, and so will the Movement. This will allow the teachings to be handed down from generation to generation. It will also ensure we continue to rely on the culture to maintain our sobriety, recovery and wellness.

As part of this focus, Jeanne and I will create a National Wellbriety Foundation to fund programs and healing for those who suffer from social injustices.

Last year we established an office in the D.C. area called the Wellbriety Advocacy Office. Advocacy means we will educate and fight for the next issues we need to overcome that may be blocking our healing.

We will advocate for an apology from the White House for the U.S. Government’s roll in the boarding schools.

In addition, we will advocate for a sober leadership movement. We need to insist that our leadership be sober in order to lead our communities to wellness and health. We need sober leadership!  We will introduce a 5 year program for community change that will require sober leadership to lead us through this healing process.

We will advocate for our Native People in prisons, starting with the Native Women. We need our women home leading our families.

Our intent is to create a Native voice and have a national conference to enable this voice to be heard.’

Best wishes Don and good luck with your wonderful work. You are reaching and impacting far beyond the shores of your people and your country.