Mike’s Tunes

Recovery can be lonely at times, so Mike has selected ten of his favourite inspirational songs from YouTube.

Mental As Anything: ‘The Nips Are Getting Bigger’
Old Aussie song about writing yourself off!


Divinyls: ‘Pleasure And Pain’
There’s a fine line between using and not using.


Crawler: ‘Stone Cold Sober Live’
Brilliant song from the 70s, Paul Kossoff of Free-fame who was lost to heroin.


Paul Kelly: ‘To Her Door’
A break up of a relationship with alcohol. (I use this in my relationship work in my role as a counsellor) Paul had an on-off relationship with heroin for 20 years.


Make Poverty History: ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’
Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody and John Butler sing about poverty amongst indigenous people in Australia. This song reminds me about building your recovery – from little things, big things grow.


Birds of Tokyo: ‘Lanterns’
Good solid motivational song from Perth band.


P!nk: ‘Try’
Self-explanatory! This song is a cool recovery tool.


The Panics: ‘Don’t Fight It’
Don’t fight it, accept you have to give up.


Dido: ‘White Flag’
What a beautiful voice!


Fireflight: ‘Core Of My Addiction’
You can become addicted to anything.

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