The Nature of Indigenous Healing

4323131_orig“Indigenous concepts of healing are based on addressing the relationship between the spiritual, emotional and physical in a holistic manner. An essential element of Indigenous healing is recognising the interconnections between, and effects of, violence, social and economic disadvantage, racism and dispossession from land and culture on Indigenous peoples, families and communities.”  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, Social Justice Report 2004, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

“Grounding healing in Indigenous culture is another important aspect which distinguishes Indigenous healing from other forms of social and emotional wellbeing. This can mean connecting to traditional Indigenous spiritual stories, practices that form traditional law and connection to country, as well as locating the healing process within the Indigenous history and context. Indigenous healing, combined with its spiritual and cultural elements is about promoting wholeness and connection to move beyond the impact of the harms.” Social Justice Report, 2008, Australian Human Rights Commission

“Healing for Aboriginal people is not just healing of the physical body. It is healing in a holistic way: the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, social and environmental. It includes healing oneself and relationships with others, such as family and community members. Healing is ongoing, continuing whilst facing many and different challenges in life.” Professor Marion Kickett, PhD Thesis

“Healing can be described as a journey of self-discovery as people engage together in educating themselves about themselves.” Professor Judy Atkinson